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Benefits Ylang Flower Unanswered Many People Know

Flower this one is very synonymous with mysticism, distinctive aroma makes many people shudder. Ylang flower is often used in rituals or used when sowing flowers death. So that's why ylang flower until now better known as a sacred flower. Flowers are not just a characteristic odor but also has the form of a very beautiful and exotic. Ylang flower itself is a tropical tree of life and is cultivated in many countries Indonesia da Philippines. In the Philippines the Community itself has long since around 1860 as a production utilizing ylang flower essential oil.
According to a study in the mentioned in the journal Molecular has an ability to identify individual components of essential oils. When evaluating ylang flowers they many find as many as 161 individual compounds including 65 Cadinene 1.25, 2.73 Alpha-farnesene, Copaene 1, Alpha-caryophyllene 2.04, Methyl benzoate 4-methylanisole 34.00% 19.82 18.97 Benzyl benzoate Isocaryophyllene germacrene D 9:28 8:15. For parts that are used to make ylang oil is water by using water and steam distillation method. Where this essential oil has a very sharp odor, sweet and distinctive. Now this essential oil ylang flower has been used by everyone, especially for health. Perhaps this sounds very strange to you. But for more details, just note the following review on the benefits of ylang flowers are not many people know, including the following.

Here's benefits are yet Ylang Flower Many People Know
Benefits ylang flowers of course influenced by the content contained therein. Many of the content contained therein include flavonoids, saponins, polyphenols, and essential oils. So because of that natural ylang flowers have many benefits, especially for health. But unfortunately, this benefit is not many people know about it. The benefits are as follows!
Shortness of Breath or Treating Asthma
Benefits of the first ylang flower is able to overcome the disease or shortness of breath that often mentioned with asthma. This disease can be experienced by everyone ranging from young children to adults. But for those who have the disease do not need to worry, simply tapped ylang flowers such problems would be so easy to overcome. Able to utilize the essential oil ylang flowers or made drinks. The way is easy that just by taking some ylang flower after it brewed with 1 cup water and regular consumption every day twice a day morning and afternoon. So with your asthma so the problem will be resolved.
To Overcoming Whitish
The problem is also commonly experienced by women is vaginal discharge problems. The whiteness problem can be caused by bacterial and fungal infections. To overcome white using ylang flower is easy just to boil ylang flowers with a little mix of pomegranate comparison between 300 and 300 grams. Boil all ingredients with enough water. Do this regularly if you want to get maximum results.
Many explanations about the benefits of ylang flowers that not many people know. But with the explanation this time can provide useful information. 
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