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Earthworm For Health Benefits

Earthworms may suffice you know, for some people regard animals is very disgusting. Usually these animals are found in moist soil as the gardens and rice fields. Because earthworm populations in the basement which is also included in the category of kingdom animalia.

Since the days of empire Cleoptara in Egypt. Have considered that the earthworm as a sacred animal. While in Indonesia itself considers that the worm is an animal that many sources cure for all diseases. In the worm has a very high source of protein, wherein the protein is very beneficial for health. Protein owned earthworms are very different from other types of proteins. The difference in the case where the protein function body protection against mycobacteria, the human immune system is often referred to antibiotics, but the earthworm called the antimikroba.Today the attitude of earthworms has been cultivated by the community. One was to treatment that is processed in the form of capsules. Well want to know the benefits of earthworms to health? Immediately, note the following review!
Here's Some Earthworm For Health Benefits

Curing Typhoid
Earthworms are already very well known powerful to overcome this disease is typhoid. It has been known since the time of our ancestors first where they often take advantage of earthworm with how to eat them immediately or cook to cope with typhus. Typhoid disease caused by salmonella bacteria in the digestive organs. This disease can  by eating earthworms that works to prevent the spread of the patient's body. Now this does not have to bother looking for earthworms, because it has a lot of available capsules containing extracts of earthworms
Launched Blood Circulation
Not only beneficial to cope with typhus, but also can be useful to help the circulation of blood. In the earthworm have a very high content of enzymes, which can serve destroy bad fats which can hamper blood circulation system. So with so simply by eating earthworms can help blood circulation and this is the reason also earthworms as well as dealing drugs stroke.

Extract earthworms are also a source of nitrogen is alkaline. The content is helpful for reducing high fever. In addition, according to research IPB earthworms have powerful benefits in lowering high heat compared with chemicals such as paracetamol. This is because in earthworm extract containing nitrogen that are wet.
Digestion launched
For those of you who currently have problems with digestion, you also can overcome them by using earthworms. Because earthworms also known powerful to overcome the problems associated with digestion. This is because in the earthworm contains seluosa enzymes and catalysts that can help biological activation process that is needed by the body, so earthworms can help the digestive system.

Calming Nerves
Last benefits of earthworms is that it can help calm nerves. In earthworm extract contains a substance called Pheretima very influential on the human nervous system, so that by consuming worm will feel calm and also it is right to treat toothache, headache and rheumatism. 

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