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The positive effects of spicy foods

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If you lovers of spicy food, then do not worry about harming your body. Because in spicy foods contain nutrients that are good for your health as contained vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K.

The body is in dire need of vitamins, even the spicy food sources of these vitamins can meet the daily vitamin needs. But you should not consume spicy foods every day. Per week is enough to maintain the health of your body.

By eating spicy foods once a week and you will still get the positive effects of spicy foods for the health of the body. behind the food that really enjoy doing by most women also has benefits both for the health of the body like that this.

Following the positive effects of spicy foods:

As an anti-cancer
Some studies show that the compound in spicy foods can kill malignant cells without killing the good cells in the vicinity. Consuming spicy foods regularly can reduce the risk of various cancers.

The compound capsaicin in chili can kill cancer cells by attacking the mitochondria without damaging the healthy cells around it. Relieve pain in the mouth for people with cancer, whereas curcumin in curry or spicy foods with more sauce has anti-cancer effects.

Improving blood circulation
Consumption of chili can improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. High levels of vitamin A and vitamin C can help strengthen blood vessel walls thus making it more elastic and more able to adjust to changes in blood pressure.

Lose weight
The positive effects of spicy foods hereinafter that can lose weight. so if you are undergoing a healthy diet, then eating spicy food can be one powerful way. Naman must still be balanced by consuming fruits so that health is maintained.

A study suggests that spicy foods can speed up metabolism and help the body to burn calories faster. When eating spicy foods the body temperature to rise dramatically and cause sweating without doing anything. So eating spicy foods without moving to reduce calories in the body.

Relieving stress

When you have a problem that can make you become stressed then try eating spicy food. Red chili peppers can increase the level of endorphins and serotonin that can eliminate pain and give a feeling of comfort.

This hormone can be used to fight stress and depression, after the spicy meal because the body becomes more relaxed. so the problem can be solved with a cozy feeling and a clear mind.

Respiratory launched
Consuming spicy foods can act as espektoran and help people with asthma, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases breathe better. This can occur because when consuming spicy foods the body will release hormones to help breathing better. Besides spicy foods able to make a wall of the respiratory system becomes elastic. So that the dirt that clog the breathing will be easy to get out.

Capsaicin found in spicy foods to help kill the bacteria H. pylori causes stomach ulcers. However, if you experience heartburn (heartburn) after a spicy meal, try eating antiacid which will neutralize the acid in the stomach.

That's the positive effects of spicy foods you need to know. Do not consume too much spicy meal in a considerable period of time. A maximum of once a week so that the health of the body is maintained, because the spicy food in excessive consumption will also have a negative effect.

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