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Tips for Healthy Smoking Cigarette Addicts

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If you have a smoking habit that can not be avoided anymore. But you still want a healthy life even with continued smoking. Do not worry because there is a cure all kinds of diseases, as well as to how to neutralize the effects of smoking.

Various studies declare that smoking is harmful to health. even today in every pack of cigarettes a picture of the disease from the effects of smoking. If I see it then I would not be to buy cigarettes, but not for those who are addicted to the cigarettes.

Therefore for lovers and cigarette addicts need not worry anymore. Because I will give tips for healthy smoking cigarette addicts. With herbal ingredients and naturally the effects of cigarettes that you can reduce the suction effect caused by smoking.

The following tips for healthy smoking cigarette addicts:

Consuming omega 3
Omega 3 can improve the function of the lungs which would have broken the first time you smoke. Foods that contain lots of omega 3 such as salmon, anchovies, grouper, crab, oysters, shrimp, red beans, green beans and green vegetables. Consumption of foods containing omega 3 every day for a month, the lung health will improve.


Lime juice can reduce nicotine levels in each stalk of 70.65%. So try to drink lime after smoking, good s lime or lemon drink warm. Besides easy lemon are also good for the health of the body.
It is no secret that antioxidants can prevent many chronic diseases. Moreover, non attacking vital organs such as the lungs. Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables will help clear the lungs. Consumption of fruits or vegetables that contain antioxidants every day will improve your health can also reduce the effects of smoking.

Examples of fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants such as apples, spinach, strawberries, oranges, red grapes, peanuts, lemon, pineapple, carrots, kiwi, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, tomatoes, and more. A study showed that people who ate five apples a week lungs function better.

Tips for healthy smoking cigarette addicts hereinafter that by consuming lots of water. Water can remove toxins and nicotine accumulate in the body during smoking. So drink plenty of water to make it healthier and feel the benefits of water for health.

Researchers from Japan stated that the flavonoids in soy can serve as anti lung inflammation and protect the lungs from tobacco found in cigarettes that can cause cancer.

Consumption of soy regularly to reduce the risk of shortness of breath and improve the function of your lungs. Soybeans are widely used as food ingredients such as tempeh and tofu to facilitate you. If you do not much like the soybean soy milk can be a solution. We have had a lot of soy milk sold by a variety of flavors.

Exercising is one activity that can load the body becomes healthier. So that the heart and lungs will remain healthy, despite the above has been done, but do not exercise then the result will not be maximized. Perform troubleshooting for expansion left by not smoking cigarettes for 12 hours. This will make the body can improve the system to remove carbon monoxide and nicotine.

That's healthy smoking tips for addicts who must try. If you simply love your body you should take from this moment, because health is very expensive.


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